Full page spread of the Cotswolds Life Magazine

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The amazing feeling when you see one of your pictures on a double page spread of the major Cotswold magazine
Being a landscape photographer is about having the desire, the passion and the get up and go attitude.  Most often than not you will turn up at a location and very much like "fishing" you can be there all day and not catch a thing.  We can't control the weather, the atmospherics or when the sun rises or falls, but we can organise the times to turn up.  
Knowing the time of year and helpful weather forecasts you may be able to predict what the conditions will be like for your shoot.  This way to turn up to fish when you know there is a feeding pool.
It was on this morning I took this picture that has recently appeared in the February edition of Cotswold Life magazine as a double spread.  I can't explain the delight I had on my face when I saw this.  It makes all the hard work, early rises and patients all worth it to be able to share with so many.
Landscape Photography will never pay my bills but it will give me great confidence, not to produce good pictures but great pictures ahead.  

Tom & Caroline ARKELL Wedding Day

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Your typical Cotswold Wedding
On the morning of 23rd April 2016 in the tiny Costwold village of Temple Guiting, Tom and Caroline are to get married in this beautiful location at 2pm St Mary's Church

St Mary's Church, Temple Guiting, Aerial photography by The Picture TakerSt Mary's Church, Temple GuitingAerial photography by The Picture Taker

Being passionate and living in the Cotswolds myself, I was delighted when asked to photograph this wedding.  At 11.30 I arrived to take a few shots of the bride getting ready.  I was welcomed with a cuppa in a totally relaxed atmosphere. We couldn't have wished for better weather with bright sunny spells and scattered clouds making it perfect for picture taking.


Caroline looking relaxed!

Tom & Caroline Wedding-1020Tom & Caroline Wedding-1020


As well as capturing the bride, I walked down the road to see what the boys were up to too!

Tom & Caroline Wedding-1024Tom & Caroline Wedding-1024

By now, I think the nerves were setting in, so I left the boys alone for a while and went across the road to the Church to take a few shots inside.  It was 13.27 and people started to gather around the entrance of the Church.

Tom & Caroline Wedding-1045Tom & Caroline Wedding-1045


It was back to the boys to get a group shot then back to the Church to capture guests arriving.

Finally, as far as preparations go, we wait for the arrival of the bride as the Church now has its full congregation.  

The bride arrives in a navy blue Rolls Royce with her father Tom & Caroline Wedding-1119Tom & Caroline Wedding-1119

The Wedding Breakfast was held at another location "Stanway House" in the old Tithe Barn.

Tom & Caroline Wedding-1251Tom & Caroline Wedding-1251


This is a view of the house and grounds


If you attended the wedding and want to see all the photos then please get in touch with Tom or Caroline


I hope you all had an amazing time and a big congratulations to Tom & Caroline!







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